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Stoney River


Te Riu o te Waiapu

Whanau and their marae communities within the wider Waiapu Valley are working with our research team to explore climate-smart enterprise options.  The goal of our mahi is to identify and create a locally-based enterprise opportunity that is based on and driven by whanau and hapū knowledge and values.  Our community-based researcher Manu Papunui-Iles (Te Riu o te Waiapu), will explore climate-smart enterprise options alongside whanau and the community-based partner organisation, Hikurangi Enterprises.  Together our project will take a seed of an idea and develop it into a fledgling community-driven enterprise.  Principles and enterprise options that enable mana motuhake and aroha in the community are key goals in our case study.

Hikurangi Enterprises: Service
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